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In today's unique circumstances, maintaining your independence can be a challenge. Better outcomes have been proven to be received at home. We pride ourselves on helping loved ones in this community achieve their goals and return back to healthy living. Our mission is aimed at helping those in need by providing the best possible care at home.

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Our Mission is for your best care.

At Mission Home Health quality service provided to our community is our highest priority. That’s what makes our one-on-one home health care the best experience for clients and so rewarding for clinicians. Connecting you with highly qualified nurses and therapists who have the expertise to meet your needs is a primary focus for our team. We take the time to consider those who would be a great fit for you personally because making that right connection is key to improving outcomes and providing the best experience for you.


How we can help

You can be confident you’ll receive clinical care that will be expertly delivered in collaboration with your physician. A Mission Home Health nurse or therapist first visits your home to evaluate your specific needs and then works with your physician to develop your customized care plan. It may include visits from:

  • Nurses for comprehensive clinical care

  • Physical therapists to help restore mobility

  • Occupational therapists to improve the ability to perform everyday activities of daily living

  • Speech language pathologists to help with speech, language, voice, cognition, and swallowing issues

  • Social work services to enable community involvement and support for the patient and family needs.

  • Home health aides that provide personal care to your loved ones by enhancing their needs to accomplish daily activities such as meal prepping, bathing, and grooming.


Your clinicians are part of a larger team of dedicated home health care professionals who all play an important role in delivering the best client experience possible.

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If you or a loved one are in need for Home Health Services, click the download button to get our Access Form

Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties 
Medicare Licensed 
AHCA License # 299995148
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