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To make a lasting impression in our community by providing personalized healthcare practices allowing each person a sense of independence in the comfort of their home

To become the leading clinician owned and managed healthcare provider for the elderly and medically limited persons in our community while staying on the forefront of the world of medical science, technology and regulatory guidance. We see the approaching challenges in our future as an opportunity to prove we can rise above to deliver the best possible care



Community – Our central focus of practice and the foundation that allows us to exist as a team. Our neighbors, friends and families are the people we care for, and we should treat every patient as if they are one of our own.

Service - Our focus is to be servants to our patients and community and to keep our patient’s functional needs at the center of our care. We are here for them, never the other way around.

Accountability – To conduct ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism. We should always be result-driven, never just task oriented in our work.

Sincerity – To always be open, humble, and honest, both within ourselves and with those we serve.


Joy - Is a mentality that we chose to bring to our work, knowing that bringing Joy to our work will improve our compassion, our medical care, our happiness with our careers, and our patient’s experience.


Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties 
Medicare Licensed 
AHCA License # 299995148
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